HOPI EAR CANDLES £25.   Please be aware that there will be a temporary Covid-19 surcharge of £2.50 will be added to your bill if your visit is longer than 15 minutes. Thank you for your understanding.


Hopi Ear candles work in four phases.


First, vapours of smoke travel into the ear canal warming the pores in the ear canal and softening the wax.


Secondly, with the tapered end of the candle firmly in the ear alight a chimney effect occurs, whereby a gentle suction/vacuum draws debris into the candle.


Thirdly, the warmth also stimulates the blood and lymph circulation, boosting the immune system, which in turn boosts the body's natural cleansing action.


Finally, a short lymphatic drainage massage on the face is performed.



Hopi Ear Candles provide relief from discomfort associated with ear wax build up, sinus congestion, pressure in the ears, earache, rhinitus, and irritation to the ear. It can also provide relief for tinntitus.